CODE OF ETHICS for Listing Events
Adapted From the 350 Bay Area Code of Ethics

1. Listing parties will respect the rights and beliefs of all parties in all public and private actions.

2. Listing parties will make every effort to ensure the information provided on this site and to its contacts and the public is true, reliable and accurate and will not willfully misrepresent any material fact when disseminating that information.

3. Events listed will not be for profit for commercial purposes; personal gain shall not be the purpose of listed events. Donations may be requested and collected at events for non-profit entities. Events with entrance fees must be declared and approved.

4. Listed Events are open to all individuals regardless of sex, sexual orientation, age or ethnic background. Discrimination or harassment by or toward any attendee or organizer is prohibited.

5. This site only lists actions that are non-violent. This also prohibits verbal abuse and threatening motions.

6. Any Event Lister who has a potential conflict of interest between this code of ethics activity and other activities or relationships shall inform the management of this site. Email: